October 2022 marks Suzuya Patisserie’s 10th Anniversary. I am incredibly proud of what Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike have accomplished over the past decade. I’ve spent the past six years working alongside them as they’ve transformed Suzuya from an up-and-coming bakery shop to a fixture

Employee of the year - Perfect Attendance/Best Barista 2021 Interviewer: What is your favorite thing about working here at Suzuya?Staff: My coworkers are definitely my favorite thing about working at SUZUYA, aside from the fact that I have the opportunity to get to know many

Employee of the year - Most improved 2021 Interviewer: What is your favorite Suzuya cake?Staff: My favorite cake at Suzuka is the chocolate cake! In general, I love very decadent chocolate cake, here it’s very light but still good. It’s also my favorite cake to

Seasonal twists for regular items are some of the things I look forward to at Suzuya. Our chefs would always come up with daily specials that would incorporate flavors and fruits that are in season. After a long wait, we are finally able to bring back

Dads are just like our moms. They take care of us in their own loving and responsible ways.  Father’s Day Gift Mini Chocolate & Coffee cream puffs are in this cute Father dish!   - Cream puffs - Egg flour milk magic. Inside with our homemade custard. One of

It is the cutest month of the year at SUZUYA!  It gets filled with pink, red, hearts, and roses.  Yes, Roses! This year we collaborated with ClaireFlora, a local flower business.  I always think that cakes and flowers should work together.Here are the reasons Cakes/Flower gifting power 

Hello!! I would like to talk about our seasonal pies if you have never had them.   I noticed, as I spend time more in the United States, pies are a more traditional dessert here. American families are more used to eating pies, especially on holidays, but also as