Suzuya Patisserie

We are a small, family owned, Japanese-style pastry shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in Japanese inspired pastries, made fresh daily.

SUZUYA Management team

The journey to becoming SUZUYA Patisserie started with our founder, owner and Executive Pastry Chef Misuzu. She started making Japanese cakes by request, since her friends were unable to find Japanese cakes in Las Vegas. Achieving the subtle sweetness and delicate texture was a difficult challenge. She had to create and recreate recipes many times over. She constantly searched for the highest quality ingredients. As she perfected her recipes, word spread and demand for Chef Misuzu’s cakes grew. Friends told their friends and family and more requests started to come. Her dream of opening up her own shop one day was looking more like a reality.

On October 1st, 2012, SUZUYA Patisserie was officially open for business at our first location on Durango. In the beginning, it was only Chef Misuzu and one front staff with Chef Mike helping before and after hours, while still working at his pastry chef job. We were making pastry non stop along with everything that comes with running a business. We were constantly researching, trying and changing. There wasn’t enough time in the day. After three very busy month, Chef Mike left his pastry chef position and joined SUZUYA full time and things really began to take off.

Even with the existing demand for SUZUYA pastries and cakes, our style was unique to Las Vegas. New customers didn’t quite know what to expect. To them, this style of pastry was unusual with its more subtle sweetness, more commonly found in Japan. We listened to customers, both old and new and adjusted accordingly. The result? Many of the great SUZUYA recipes that are still made today.

Since then, we have continued to listen to our customers and grow. Most recently, we moved to our new location on Buffalo in January 2020. The dining area expanded and so did our menu. We brought back our crepes along with new toasts and sandowiches. We also serve tea and coffee at our cafe.

Even with all our changes and growth, our focus still remains: In everything that we do, we want to bring a smile to your face and bring joy into every day with SUZUYA.

United in our passion and diverse in our skills, our management team is dedicated to propelling SUZUYA Patisserie to new heights. Together, we embrace innovation, value collaboration, and are committed to excellence in every endeavor. Ww are not just leading SUZUYA, we are redefining what it means to be in bakery industry. We build a future that’s sustainable and inclusive for all our customers and communities. 

Founder/Pastry Chef:

Misuzu Ebihara,
Michael Plourde

General Manager:
Rie Matsumoto

SUZUYA Management team

SUZUYA Management team

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