Interviewer: Where is Suzuya Cafe located? Is it near Desert Marketplace in Las Vegas? Chef Misuzu: Yes. We are located in the one part of the corner, right now, where the big shops are. It is nearby Durango Casino & Resort and on Warm Spring Dr.

Interviewer:  What kind of cafe menu do you have? Which is your recommended cafe menu? Chef Misuzu: Cafe menu, we have crepes and toast. That's the main category we have. I really like white mushroom bread for breakfast. We have a scrambled egg white with some

Interviewer: What about crepes? Can you tell us a history of crepes? Chef Mike: Crapes are the best way to describe this kind of like a thin pancake. Usually, it is made without any ingredients like pancakes so that they keep thinner. There are a few different

Interviewer: What’s about Shokupan / Japanese Milk Bread? Chef Misuzu:  It’s a white bread that we ate every day, like really basic bread that goes with everything. Interviewer: Which menu do you use Shokupan? Chef Misuzu:  It is Sandos and toasts, and we also sell Shokupan as a

Interviewer: What is a log cake?  Chef Misuzu: It looks like a log or a cylinder, and the end seems to be an annual ring of wood. They go circle, and that's we say "roll cake", putting cream in the middle and then rolling it. Interviewer: What's your

Interviewer: What is a Millecrepe?  Chef Mike: Millecrepe is a type of cake that’s made of layers of crepe and cream in the middle. Our Millecrepe has 16 layers in clape. The idea of the “Mille” crepe came from mille-feuille, which is 1000 layers of crape. Interviewer:

Interviewer: What is Matcha exactly? What is special about the Suzuya Matcha Latte? Chef Misuzu: Matcha is ground green tea. What is good about Matcha is condensing into the powder. Matcha has anti-bacteria so it is considered a healthy food and the powder gives a good

Interviewer: What kind of sandwiches do you have? What is the difference between sandwiches and Sando? Chef Mike: We call it Sando at Suzuya,  which is the combination of Japanese and American ways of calling sandwiches.  Currently, we have 3 different types of sando-wiches: Egg Salad, Tuna

Interviewer: What is custard pudding and what's the difference between regular custard pudding and the Japanese custard pudding you provide over at Suzuya? Chef Mike: A custard pudding is basically a baked custard, and the Japanese style is lighter textually, so it is more similar to