I would like to talk about our seasonal pies if you have never had them.


I noticed, as I spend time more in the United States, pies are a more traditional dessert here.

American families are more used to eating pies, especially on holidays, but also as everyday desserts.

I say this because, since my childhood was in Japan, I think about pies more like a snack.  Very few pastry shops in Japan, until recently, sold pies.

Now, when we make pies, Fuji apple pies and Kabocha pumpkin pies, it really feels like fall!

And fall  brings about the holiday season here in the U.S., particularly Thanksgiving, which is one of the biggest American holidays. Pies are always there to brighten the table with Turkey, stuffing, and so all the trimmings.

Because we still want to have Japanese infused desserts at SUZUYA, we pick Japanese ingredients as the main component, fuji apple and Kabocha pumpkin.

We like to use them only when they are in season. We try to wait until they are in the middle of season, not at the beginning  or end. They tend to be less flavorful when they are too early or late in the harvest. So I try to get the best in the middle of the season.

But it is still depending on the region or the weather so that we still need to adjust the flavor when we cook and bake them with flavor from other components.

I love to highlight the ingredients as much as possible and try not to add to many other flavorings to cover the natural flavor of the fruit.

The second most important part of the pie is the crust. (although some may debate this!) When we make pie dough, the dough is folded with butter which makes its flakey texture. We make that right at the shop.

Our pie dough is a bit different from American pie dough. You might notice the our pies are lighter and flakier, almost like a croissant.

We love the texture and the filling contrast!

I have heard from our customers saying ” I have never liked pies but I love SUZUYA’s pie”.

We make it differently so if you are not a pie fan, please still try our pie. You might like our style.


We are making individual size pie daily with very limited amount. However, we are taking pre-ordering online  for whole pie!!

If you are planning to order pie for your gathering, please allow us 7days ahead notice for the week of Thanksgiving pick-up.

Note: We will be closing on Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

Pies are only available until the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 25 )