Interviewer: What is a Millecrepe?  Chef Mike: Millecrepe is a type of cake that’s made of layers of crepe and cream in the middle. Our Millecrepe has 16 layers in clape. The idea of the “Mille” crepe came from mille-feuille, which is 1000 layers of crape. Interviewer:

Interviewer: What kind of sandwiches do you have? What is the difference between sandwiches and Sando? Chef Mike: We call it Sando at Suzuya,  which is the combination of Japanese and American ways of calling sandwiches.  Currently, we have 3 different types of sando-wiches: Egg Salad, Tuna

Interviewer: What is custard pudding and what's the difference between regular custard pudding and the Japanese custard pudding you provide over at Suzuya? Chef Mike: A custard pudding is basically a baked custard, and the Japanese style is lighter textually, so it is more similar to

Interviewer: Tell us about your coffee! It is very exciting because I hear you have special beans. What makes Suzuya's coffee special? Chef Mike: We get coffee beans from a local roaster in Falter City. Their beans are from all over the world and they have

Interviewer: Tell us about Mother’s day and the cakes that you have! Chef Mike: The Heart Tokyo Cheesecake is much like our regular Tokyo Cheesecake, and the garnish has strawberry cream with shiny red heart chocolate and sprinkles on the top.  The white chocolate on the

Interviewer: Tell us about the Suzuya dog treats, the latte, and snacks for dogs. Chef Mike: When we start looking at the place, we found that they set up a dog-friendly patio. We talked to the Veterinarian right next door that we want to produce safe dog

Interviewer: For today's interview, it would be the pastry party pack. Why do you want to start this pastry party pack in the first place? Chef Mike: It allows people to try out new things. Many consumers like getting their hands on such products for the

Interviewer: Today we are going to speak about apple pies. What is it about apple pie that makes it so appealing? What is it about pies that makes them shimmer in the fall? Chef Mike: It reminds me of where I grew up, which is New