Birthday cake in Las Vegas
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Patio project

Good morning!How was your Thanksgiving? We had very busy days making Fuji Apple pies, Kabocha Pumpkin pies,  and cakes!

In the first few years after we opened SUZUYA, we only made pies for Thanksgiving. However, our customers asked for our regular cakes too!! It was very surprising for us, because we thought everyone wants to have pies for Thanksgiving. So, beginning last year, we now make cakes for Thanksgiving as well.  I hope everyone that ordered pies and cakes enjoyed their Thanksgiving!


Have you been to SUZUYA or Fuku Burger, our next door neighbor, lately? We share the patio space in between us.  Since we moved into this location, we wanted to build the fire pit at the patio. Fuku’s Colin made the plan and finally, it is installed!! It makes the space cozy and nice. It was perfect timing with the cold weather!   As you know, the patio is a pet friendly space. We are hoping our customers enjoy this space for a little get away !!





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