10 Years Anniversary

October 2022 marks Suzuya Patisserie’s 10th Anniversary.

I am incredibly proud of what Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike have accomplished over the past decade. I’ve spent the past six years working alongside them as they’ve transformed Suzuya from an up-and-coming bakery shop to a fixture of the Las Vegas community. I attribute Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike’s success to their passion for great food and tireless work ethic.

Seven days a week, they arrive at the bakery before sunrise to begin prep and leave long after the last customer has left the store. Their remarkable attention to detail and love for what they do are part of everything they create; these ingredients are what make Suzuya pastries so special.

I recall a customer who was eating our toast made with Shokupan (Japanese milk bread) with tears in his eyes. I asked him the reason why he was feeling so emotional, and he explained that it reminded him of the bread his grandmother used to bake for him in Japan. I’ve seen many customers purchase cakes to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones, mothers buying snacks for hungry children after school, families coming with pets to relax on our patio, and weary night-shift workers stopping by in the morning to eat a satisfying dessert.

I often hear customers comment, “I wish Suzuya would open another shop in Henderson, in Los Angeles, in Utah….” I cannot say what the future will hold for Suzuya, but I know that Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike will continue spreading their love for Japanese-style cakes and pastries for many years to come. Congratulations, Chefs, for a great 10 Years!