I first discovered Suzuya as a customer, On one of my walks with my family, we came across the charming cafe. I remember ordering the vogue madame which became my mom and it’s favorite. We instantly liked how the ham, cheese, Béchamel sauce, and housemade

While watching videos of latte art appears to be simple, in reality, it’s actually a difficult task to master. Through multiple how-to videos and hundreds of lattes, we all have developed our own unique styles of latte art. While our lattes are not always perfect, it

On a regular day at Suzuya, rushes come frequently until closing. The line would sometimes reach outside. We try to help our customers as efficiently as possible. With one worker taking orders, a worker making drinks, and one packing items. We manage to go through

Coffee. I absolutely think that I represent the mass when I say that it is the first thing I think about in the morning. It helps me function. This might be an exaggeration, but it applies to me. So for someone who loves coffee, I

Let's start with the obvious: The past few months have been very difficult due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Having just opened our new location two months prior and just starting to get our feet under us, when we heard the Governor’s press conference on March

SUZUYA is SUZUYA today because of the help we've gotten from our partnerships over the years. At our core, SUZUYA is about our dedicated staff, both chefs and front of house, as well as our delicious creations that they serve our customers everyday. Beyond that,