October 2022 marks Suzuya Patisserie’s 10th Anniversary. I am incredibly proud of what Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike have accomplished over the past decade. I’ve spent the past six years working alongside them as they’ve transformed Suzuya from an up-and-coming bakery shop to a fixture

I first discovered Suzuya as a customer, On one of my walks with my family, we came across the charming cafe. I remember ordering the vogue madame which became my mom and it’s favorite. We instantly liked how the ham, cheese, Béchamel sauce, and housemade

It is the cutest month of the year at SUZUYA!  It gets filled with pink, red, hearts, and roses.  Yes, Roses! This year we collaborated with ClaireFlora, a local flower business.  I always think that cakes and flowers should work together.Here are the reasons Cakes/Flower gifting power