Tokyo Cheesecake

If we could describe our Tokyo Cheesecake in just a few words, we would say it is exciting, yet simple. Customers say that they even sometimes favor it more than Strawberry Shortcake because of the beauty behind its simplicity. We bake the cake in such a way that it does jiggle when it is straight out of the oven, then we let it settle in our fridge. When it stiffens, the texture becomes just right for us to top it with a light apricot glaze. The end result is something creamy that satisfies that craving for sweetness without going overboard with sugar. Our Tokyo Cheesecake is available for special decoration for those extra important occasions, and even seasonally in the fall with Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) cream on top! If you decide to visit Suzuya, please keep an eye out for this wonderful item.

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