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Summer Delights at Suzuya Patisserie: Refreshing Treats and New Additions

One of my favorite products that we offer is the Mango Mousse Cake. This cake is similar to the rare cheesecake but with mango mousse and passion fruit on top. The mango mousse adds a bright and refreshing taste to the cake, making it a perfect dessert, especially for the summer.

Another delightful treat to try is our Strawberry Millefeuille, one of our new items in the showcase! It has a perfect blend of different soft and hard textures from the pastry and cream with fresh fruit flavors. It’s the best dessert to enjoy with coffee!

The Mango Mousse Cake is one of our favorites for summer. Customers come in just to buy it, along with our Mango Mochi and Ichigo Daifuku, all of which are staff favorites!

We have had many new additions to our menu for the summer season! Lots of our specials cater to a refreshing taste to cool down in this hot Vegas weather. One of our new customer favorites is the Red Shiso Yuzuade! This is a twist on our Yuzu Lemonade, enhancing the citrus flavor to a sweet-tasting drink!

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