New menu for 2022

Interviewer: what new things can we expect for 2022?

Chef Misuzu: Currently, we are working on Valentine’s day special. We are thinking about updating the Green tea log cake. We also have a shelf that we already built at the store, and we are going to display Suzuya hats, cups, and more food products.

Chef Mike: Some of the things that we have started this year are Castella and dorayaki. Hopefully, we have more space to display because a new showcase is coming next month.

Interviewer:  Excellent! I love that! So we’re going to have more shelving.

Chef Misuzu: We’ll have more displays so we’re going to have a few more new products like Castella.

Interviewer: Wow that sounds very exciting so new and better things are coming for 2020.

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