Spotlight: Meet Sari, the Rising Star of Suzuya Patisserie

Today, we want to take you behind the scenes at Suzuya Patisserie to meet one of our exceptional team members. Sari, our Assistant Pastry Chef, has truly become an integral part of our operations, bringing her flair for detail and a keen sense of teamwork to our bustling kitchen.

From Apprentice to Assistant Pastry Chef

Sari’s journey with us started a few years ago when she was about to graduate from a pastry school. Joining the Suzuya family as an apprentice, Sari immersed herself in learning, cultivating skills, and perfecting her craft. Her relentless dedication and commitment to excellence have since paid off, leading to her promotion to the position of Assistant Pastry Chef.

A Beacon of Excellence

Sari’s contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. In fact, her outstanding work has recently been recognized with the coveted ‘Employee of the Year’ award. Her ability to multi-task, manage time effectively, and quickly adapt to various roles within the kitchen have greatly contributed to our patisserie’s seamless operations.

When asked about her significant contributions, Sari modestly attributes her success to her ability to wear many hats and help wherever necessary. The versatility she brings to the team enhances our dynamic work environment, making her an indispensable asset.

Impact of Recognition on Work Ethic

Sari’s reaction to receiving the award was one of joy and acknowledgment. “I was very happy,” she expressed. This recognition has only amplified her motivation and commitment, instilling an even greater sense of responsibility towards maintaining the high-quality standard for which Suzuya Patisserie is renowned.

The Suzuya Influence

When discussing the work atmosphere at Suzuya Patisserie, Sari paints a picture of a relaxed, communicative environment. “It’s chill, everyone has good communication and is free to say something,” she says. This open culture not only fosters a great workspace but also facilitates continuous learning and growth.

Suzuya Patisserie has also played a vital role in Sari’s professional development. She elaborated on how her experience at Suzuya has enriched her professional skill set, especially in managing large quantities and mastering the art of baking. “It definitely helps. I learned how to take care of large quantities and baking. Japanese pastries are delicate,” Sari reflects.

Her journey with Suzuya Patisserie has seen her transition from a fresh pastry school graduate to an adept assistant pastry chef, capable of handling the intricacies of creating delicate Japanese pastries.

We are proud to have her on our team and are excited to see where her journey takes us!

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks into our dedicated team at Suzuya Patisserie.

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