Suzuya Patisserie

Tokyo Cheesecake

This show-stopping cheesecake is sure to impress! Your guests will love the creamy and airy texture of this unique cake.

Cheese cake for birthday, anniversary

We take perfectly whipped meringue, carefully folded by hand into a creamy mascarpone and cream cheese base. Only the best ingredients are used in every cake made at SUZUYA. We use organic, vegetarian-fed eggs that lend not only color, with their deep orange yolks, but also texture, for this light, airy cheesecake. Slowly baked in a water bath at a low temperature for gentle, even baking. Perfection can’t be rushed.

We do not use any artificial preservatives so please enjoy as soon as possible.

Available Sizes

4.5” Round
8.5” Round

Made with the following:

Alcohol: No
Dairy: Yes
Eggs: Yes
Nuts: No
Wheat: Yes