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SUZUYA STAFF Regulars, Newcomers, and Matcha Delights

Greetings to all our lovely patrons and those yet to set foot in SUZUYA!

One of the joys of working here is observing the regulars who’ve made SUZUYA more than just a cafe. We’ve seen many who have turned our place into their own personal rendezvous spot. Whether it’s friends catching up, informal meetings, or diligent students absorbed in their study dates, there’s always a familiar face around.

There’s this one patron who’s caught our eye lately. He makes our space his own, meeting a myriad of individuals one after the other. For every meeting, he introduces them to our delicacies – sometimes a cup of coffee, sometimes tea, and occasionally our mouthwatering Sando. He’s even got a list of his favorite items, helping his company pick the best from our menu. Observing from the side, he’s truly living the dream. Imagine, listening to calming tunes, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and savoring the best of what SUZUYA has to offer – all in a day’s work!

But it’s not just about the regulars. We love it when they introduce someone new to our space. There’s nothing like seeing a first-timer’s reaction to our offerings.

Speaking of offerings, here at SUZUYA, innovation in our kitchen never stops. Our chefs are continually crafting new and exciting recipes, whether they’re seasonal specials or additions to our main menu. We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition – the Matcha Brownie. After rigorous testing and refining, our chefs achieved a brownie with a rich matcha flavor that strikes the perfect balance between taste and sweetness. It’s tailor-made for those who appreciate the subtle bitterness of authentic matcha.

Last but not least, a heartwarming tale about mochis. Levi’s grandkids, all the way from San Jose, California, are die-hard fans of our mochi. The twins recently visited Las Vegas and indulged in our mochis almost daily while staying with their grandma. Although the mango mochi remains a favorite, it’s a seasonal delight. Sadly, the wait for its return will be a year. Till then, there’s plenty more to explore and enjoy.

Thank you for making SUZUYA a part of your stories. Whether it’s your first visit or hundredth, we’re always here, waiting to serve you with a smile and a delectable treat.

With love and warmth,
The SUZUYA Team.

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