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From Customer to Employee: The Unseen Craft at SUZUYA

When you walk into SUZUYA, you’re greeted with a tantalizing array of desserts, an ambient environment, and the gentle hum of contented customers. But beyond this, there’s a deeper connection for many of us behind the counter. A significant portion of our staff started as customers, much like you.

What’s fascinating about this transition from customer to employee is the evolving appreciation for our products. As customers, the dessert would be a delightful treat. But once they donned the apron, their eyes were opened to the meticulous craftsmanship behind each dessert. Every fold in our pastries, every layer in our cakes, speaks of the dedication our chefs pour into their creations. Our employees have gained a newfound respect for the art and craft of SUZUYA’s offerings, truly understanding the passion that goes into every bite.

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