Life is like macarons, it’s always full of color

One of the first things you will notice when looking at our showcase is the colorful macarons on display. Our chefs at Suzuya make different buttercream fillings sandwiched between crispy shells with chewy centers. Our Goma macaron has a slightly bitter and nutty flavor from the black sesame buttercream. We also have a Shoyu caramel macaron which has the perfect balance between the sweet buttercream and salted caramel. Another flavor we have is the Anko macaron. It’s a creamy macaron with a mild red bean flavor. These are just some of the flavors I would recommend to try something new. The Goma, Shoyu Caramel, and Anko flavor provide a Japanese twist to the classic French macaron. These individual delicate treats are perfect to scrub a sweet tooth or grab a set and gift to others.