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Meet The Staff and Savor the Flavors at SUZUYA

At SUZUYA, we often get questions about our product sizes and how many people they will serve. Luckily, our cake selection comes in a variety of sizes and flavors, perfect for every occasion, be it an intimate date or a family gathering for 20.

While we have a diverse offering of products, many customers find their way to our store after hearing about our Sandos, a perfect savory treat during the hot summer season. It’s portable and refreshing – the ideal snack to take along on your vacation.

One standout staff member we’re particularly proud of is Angelica. After joining our team four years ago, she has steadily grown, mastering our tasks, policies, and menus. Today, she’s one of our favorite shift leaders, and her tips and tricks significantly help newcomers manage the busy hours at the store. When asked about her experiences at SUZUYA, she highlights the friendships she made, the customer service training she received, and the importance of maintaining high-quality standards. We’re truly grateful for her part in SUZUYA’s growth.

Another familiar face that adds to our welcoming environment is one of our shift leads. Known for going the extra mile, she creates memorable experiences and makes every customer feel special.

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