Puppy latte

Sweet Stories from SUZUYA

Every day at SUZUYA brings new and exciting stories. Just the other day, two ladies came to our shop for the first time. They loved our Ichigo Crepe and White Mushroom Crepe so much that they wanted to take more home. When asked how they found out about us, they revealed that their neighbors recommended our Tokyo Cheesecake, and they couldn’t resist a visit. After trying the delicate cake and noticing our breakfast menu, they decided to enjoy breakfast on our patio. And, of course, they couldn’t leave without taking a Tokyo Cheesecake home!

Our store also serves as a hub for our furry friends. We love engaging in small talk about our pets, whether sharing funny stories or sweet moments. SUZUYA even offers Peanut Butter Sandos shaped like bones for dogs, paired with a complimentary Puppy Latte. This special treat is customized for your pup with their name on the cup. We enjoy learning about our customers’ dog names, some are highly creative like Goma or Bonnie and Clyde. Recently, we made a cup for a pup named Tofu. Coincidentally, one of our front staff’s dog is also named Tofu, sparking a lengthy conversation about their respective fur babies.

Every day is filled with unexpected joy at SUZUYA. We invite you to come and create your own sweet memories with us.

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