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Welcome Aboard Charlene – A Fresh Face in Our SUZUYA Family

Hello, dear patrons and friends of SUZUYA! We have some exciting news for all of you. We have recently welcomed a new member to our big, happy family – Charlene! Having joined our team just a short while ago, she has been soaking up everything that makes SUZUYA Patisserie & Cafe so special, and we thought it’d be fun to share her experiences with all of you.

Right from the start, Charlene was charmed by the wafting aroma of freshly brewed coffee that fills our café every morning. For her, it’s more than just a delightful smell; it’s a signal that another day of serving joy in the form of delicious treats and heartwarming coffee to all our wonderful customers has begun.

Speaking of our team, Charlene was instantly touched by the warmth and camaraderie here. “Everyone greets everyone,” she shared with us, emphasizing the friendly atmosphere that’s so deeply ingrained in our café culture. Being part of a team where everyone truly cares for each other has made her experience all the more enriching.

What’s more, Charlene has already had the chance to taste-test our offerings, from our signature items to our exciting, new seasonal ones. It’s been a culinary journey of discovery and delight for her. It’s a perk that she cherishes, especially since she’s now working at her favorite cool place.

At SUZUYA, we don’t just sell pastries and coffee; we are a community, a family. And it’s not just about the love we share amongst ourselves but also how that love translates into everything we do. It reflects in our cakes, in our coffee, and in the service we offer each one of you every single day. Charlene affirmed this sentiment, commenting on how she already feels an integral part of our family.

Now, she is beginning a new chapter in her SUZUYA journey. She’s just started her latte art training, and she couldn’t be more excited! From choosing the perfect espresso to texturing the milk and creating beautiful designs, she’s ready to master the art of crafting the perfect latte. We have no doubt that with her passion and dedication, she’ll soon be creating lattes that are not just delicious, but also visually stunning.

Stay tuned for more updates as Charlene continues her journey here at SUZUYA. We are thrilled to see her grow and contribute to making your SUZUYA experience even more special. Meanwhile, the next time you drop by, make sure to say hello to Charlene. She’d love to meet you!

From all of us at SUZUYA, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you more delicious moments!

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