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Sweet Tales from SUZUYA: The Story of Kiko and the Indecisive Customer

Hello, dear patrons and friends,

Today we’d like to share a heartwarming and slightly comical tale from our café. This is the story of Kiko, one of our front staff, who we have seen blossom from a shy newbie to a confident and integral part of our SUZUYA family.

A Journey of Growth

When Kiko first joined us, she was a quiet and reserved young woman. Over time, however, her confidence grew, and she became more comfortable in her role, and with us. Underneath her gentle demeanor, we discovered a girl full of hilarious stories that never fail to lighten up our day. One of these stories stands out, involving a customer and a carousel of cake choices.

A Symphony of Cakes

One fateful day, Kiko was managing the front all by herself. A customer walked in, eyes set on our scrumptious strawberry shortcake. Kiko efficiently packed the cake for her, but just as she was about to complete the transaction, the customer decided to switch to our decadent chocolate cake.

Always patient and kind, Kiko unpacked the strawberry shortcake and packed the chocolate cake. But, to her surprise, the customer changed her mind yet again and now wanted a Tokyo cheesecake. Without a hint of irritation, Kiko repeated the process.

The Cake Carousel

In an amusing turn of events, this pattern continued for a while – the customer changed her mind two more times, each time choosing a different cake. After a series of cake swaps – six to be exact – she finally decided to stick with her initial choice, the strawberry shortcake.

At SUZUYA, we often say, “The longer you stare at our showcase, the more you want. The more you get.” However, in this instance, the phrase turned into, “The more you stare, the more indecisive you get.”

A Testament to Patience and Service

This funny story, besides being a testament to Kiko’s incredible patience and commitment to excellent customer service, is also indicative of the tantalizing variety of desserts we offer at SUZUYA. We understand how difficult it can be to choose just one!

Through this blog, we celebrate the journey of our team members, their growth, and their never-ending efforts to ensure each customer leaves our café with a smile and a delicious treat in their hand.

Cheers to Kiko and her unforgettable story!



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