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A Day at SUZUYA: Our Local Charm, Customer Favorites & The Much-Loved Millecrepe!

Hello everyone! We thought we’d share a little about life at SUZUYA, the bakery and café that’s become a local favorite, a community hub, and a source of delectable delights in our corner of town.

One of our frequent customers recently shared some thoughts that warmed our hearts. She told us that SUZUYA isn’t just her local shop; it’s a place where she can connect with familiar faces and soak in the uplifting atmosphere. She appreciates the lively conversations, the comforting aroma of our fresh bakes, and the joy of running into friends and neighbors. This is precisely the sense of community we aim to cultivate at SUZUYA, and we’re thrilled to hear we’re succeeding!

Now, onto a hot topic amongst our clientele: the Millecrepe cake. This delectable treat, known for its delicate layers of crepe and cream, has taken center stage in our customers’ hearts (and mouths!). The most common question we get asked is about the availability of our 8″ Millecrepe. We appreciate your love for the large version, but it’s a special item that we make only through pre-orders.

However, we always have a smaller version – our classic Crepe Cake – available in-store. If you have a craving for the larger, 8″ version, we’d be more than happy to make one for you! Just remember to pre-order, and we’ll ensure it’s ready for your special occasion or celebration.

Through feedback and conversations, we’ve gathered that you all adore the balance in our Millecrepe cakes: more crepe, less cream. This not only makes for prettier slices but also allows for more servings – perfect for sharing the joy at parties. The delicate layers add a ‘wow’ factor, making our Millecrepe cakes the centerpiece at many celebrations.

Lastly, let’s talk about our current customer favorite – the Tiramisu Crepe Cake! This luscious, creamy delight, perfectly balanced with a hint of coffee, has captivated your tastebuds. We’re overjoyed that you love it as much as we love baking it!

Here at SUZUYA, we continuously strive to deliver top-quality, delicious treats while fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Your smiles, feedback, and loyalty are our greatest rewards. So, come on in, let’s chat, share a laugh, and enjoy some scrumptious Millecrepe cake together. As always, thank you for making SUZUYA a part of your day!

Until next time,

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