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The Story of Shaun: A Tale of Familiar Faces at SUZUYA

Hello SUZUYA Family,

Today, I’d like to share a little story about a regular customer of ours, Shaun, who’s been with us since our days at the old location.

Shaun was pleasantly surprised one day when he realized we knew him by name. As I told him, working at SUZUYA for a couple of years, we really get to know our customers, especially our regulars. Remembering names and familiar orders might seem like a small thing, but it signifies something much larger for us. It means we’re doing our jobs right. It means we’re more than just a coffee shop; we’re a community.

Shaun shared with us how delighted he was to see our store offering more items and maintaining consistent opening hours. In our previous location, we often sold out early and were closed at times when he wanted to visit. He was glad to see that, since moving to a larger space, we’re now able to serve more customers and bake more delicious goods to meet the demand.

The move has allowed us to grow and flourish, not just in terms of space and quantity, but in our ability to connect more deeply with our customers. Seeing the joy and satisfaction on a regular’s face when they can always find their favorite treat is simply priceless.

Our conversation reminded me of how far SUZUYA has come and the potential for how much further we can go. We’re not just in the business of serving food and drinks; we’re in the business of building connections, cultivating happiness, and creating a community.

And as long as we have customers like Shaun, we believe SUZUYA will continue to grow, serving more of the treats you love and creating more of the moments you cherish.

Thank you for being part of our SUZUYA familyFront Staff, SUZUYA

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