Pudding is called Purin?

Interviewer: Why is it called “Purin” in Suzuya? 

Chef Mike: It’s more just the Japanese pronunciation. Japanese people call pudding “Purin.” 

Interviewer: Please let us know this item’s features or recommended points. 

Chef Mike: The custard pudding, we make it with vegetarian hen eggs, kind of high-quality eggs. And ours has a fairly bitter caramel on the bottoms with a nice contrast of favors. 

Interviewer: How long does it keep for?

Chef Mike: For the custard putting expiration date, you are good for about three to four days under refrigerated, which you should always refrigerate.

Interviewer: Do you have pudding a la mode as a special menu item? Can we order it? Should we give you a call about it before visiting the store? 

Chef Mike: We do have it as a special in a while, depending on what we have to sell or how much we have available. Just trying to make something special on a daily basis. And that one is the chef’s choice. So whoever cooks it in the morning cooks whatever berries they want to put on macarons, different flavored creams, sometimes strawberry cream, sometimes it’s chocolate or chantilly cream. Cakes and fresh berries and chocolate garnish sometimes. And something cute, nice, and showcased. Adds a little bit of color to showcase as well. We don’t take preorders for the a la mode. We can take pre-orders for pudding. That is not done on our regular online service. We usually will take a phone call and then send an order sheet to the customer, and then we’ll invoice that separately online to a customer invoice. We don’t do it online just because it’s hard to control the quantities. So, like, one customer can go in, like, 100 or something for one day that we’re just not able to prepare. So same the prepaid and smaller items. We just ask for a few heads up so that we can make sure we have enough products, and enough things to make the items. 

Interviewer: Do you sell Kabocha pudding this fall? If so, when will that be available? 

Chef Mike: We’re not sure yet. We might do Kabocha pudding a la mode. We’re still kind of playing around on their fall idea. Just kind of waiting for Kabocha to come. We tried to order samples today, but I don’t think they came. But it depends on the flavor of Kobacha this year. Sometimes it’s a little green this time of year, so we kind of wait until that’s a better flavor. So as far as the starting date, we’re not quite sure yet. Hopefully, most of the pudding stuff will be in November, but if we can start in October, we will try to do that. 

Interviewer: Are you going to sell any special flavor in the future? 

Chef Mike: We have talked about doing a few different flavors, like Uji matcha and tea. We always try to get new items. But we haven’t really done Anything solid for those. But we’re always kind of experimenting with things. And trying to get some new items to sell. We always post on our social media whenever we have new things coming out or new things we are trying. 

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