Suzuya Custard Pudding

Interviewer: What is the difference between Suzuya’s custard pudding and American custard pudding? 

Chef Mike: So, Suzuya’s custard pudding is a little bit softer. There isn’t really an American custard pudding. Most custard puddings come from France or Spanish things, which are generally a lot sweeter and a lot firmer. They’re made like the fawns made with condensed milk as sweeter. They usually use less dark caramel, so it’s a little sweeter. 

Interviewer: Why did you make the pudding? 

Chef Misuzu: I like custard pudding, particularly a smooth, soft type of custard pudding. I knew that was a kids’ favorite, which made me think we should have one. 

Chef Mike: Maybe we decided to make the custard pudding because Misuzu likes it, and many kids like it. 

Chef Misuzu:  I like the style. I particularly like soft custard pudding, which is made of pastel. I do not really prefer baked pudding which is a little firmer. The soft custard pudding we made was very popular, and everybody reacted like it was the first time to eat such a custard pudding and loved it. I loved that too. I didn’t want to make it too soft but still a melt-in-mouse type custard pudding.

Interviewer: Is it true that you use the highest quality vegetarian-fed eggs for this pudding? Please let us know more details about the eggs! 

Chef Mike: Yes, we get our eggs actually from a company based in California, but they grow them similarly to, I guess, Japanese style in terms of the feeding process. They are grain fed and cage-free, so the eggs have a little more protein. 

Interviewer:  What ingredients do you use for the pudding?

Chef Mike: It’s a pretty simple recipe. We use eggs, half and half dairy, a little bit of sugar, and dark caramel on the bottom. 

Interviewer: Why do you use dark caramel sauce? 

Chef Mike: We use dark caramel instead of regular sweet caramel because we like the contrast between the flavors. It’s got a little bit of bitterness from the dark caramel and the sweetness from the custard. They play beautifully in your mouth.

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