Sando Orange Juice

Sando? Japanese style sandwich

Interviewer: What kind of sandwiches do you have? What is the difference between sandwiches and Sando?

Chef Mike: We call it Sando at Suzuya,  which is the combination of Japanese and American ways of calling sandwiches. 

Currently, we have 3 different types of sando-wiches: Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, and we just started serving Fruits Sando.

For the sandwiches, we use the bread that we make in our house with the crust cut off with light butter helps keep the bread away from soaking in too much of the moisture in the package and for more flavor. 

For the Egg Salad and Tuna Salad, we make our own mayonnaise in the house. We use our mayo and hard-boiled eggs, salt, and pepper. For the Tuna salad, we use our own mayo, tuna, celery, salt, and pepper. Everything is very simple. 

For the Fruits Sando, we make our own cream as well. We currently have only strawberry sandwiches, but we will provide more different kinds of fruit sandwiches in the future. 

Those are in-store-only, not online. 

Suzuya sandwiches are better than regular sandwiches because we make our own bread and mayonnaise. We make pretty much everything from scratch, which makes it taste a lot better!

Interviewer: Amazing! Thank you so much for that. 

Every time these interviews are done, I’m just like I can’t wait for Suzuya to open another location in South California!

I love that you guys make your own mayonnaise. That is really kind of out of this world so you make your own bread you also make it doesn’t really get much better than that!

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