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One of the best coffee in Las Vegas

Interviewer: Tell us about your coffee! It is very exciting because I hear you have special beans. What makes Suzuya’s coffee special?

Chef Mike: We get coffee beans from a local roaster in Falter City. Their beans are from all over the world and they have 13 different varieties. They used to join farmers’ markets in town and that is how we initially found him. We tried their coffee and really liked it, and also we would be happy to support local businesses.

He came in and showed us how to pour over and it was nice to see that he is into the coffee. 

We have had his coffee bean since we started our business. 

After we moved to this location, we wanted to have a bigger menu for Suzuya Cafe, and we have special drinks using different beans and their special brend.

We also have a few different kinds of espresso beans and they do special grind and light roast for us.

We have Red Rock Espresso, Dam Good Brend, and Black Canyon, which is cold brewed steep, 13 hours at room temperature, and refrigerated to have more flavors. 

They make a coffee package called Cup of Hope at St.Jude Children’s Hospital kitchen, and some of the proceeds go to St.Jude Children’s Hospital.

Interviewer: Wow! That is amazing!  What a cool story!

 I love the passion behind it and the selection.  I like small businesses helping small businesses, so that’s amazing. 

With this delicious coffee and your specific blend of yours, what is a good dessert to go with the coffee? What would you suggest?

Chef Mike: Any of the desserts would go fantastic with coffee. I like unsweetened black coffee with sweets. 

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