Are you a Matcha Latte lover?

Interviewer: What is Matcha exactly? What is special about the Suzuya Matcha Latte?

Chef Misuzu: Matcha is ground green tea. What is good about Matcha is condensing into the powder. Matcha has anti-bacteria so it is considered a healthy food and the powder gives a good flavor to the pastry. We specialize in using ingredients from Japan and our Matcha Latte is good because it is fresh. Matcha is a very sensitive ingredient to the temperature and humidity and we manage the temperature and moisture.

Interviewer: Where do you get the Matcha from?

Chef Misuzu:We get Matcha from Shizuoka in Japan.

Interviewer: What other tea menus do you have?

Chef Misuzu: We have 7 kinds of tea: Matcha Genmai tea, Yellow and Blue which is chamomile and lavender, Cranberry tea (non-caffeine), Earl Gray, Sencha, and royal milk tea, and Hot Cinnamon which is also good taste without adding sugar because 2 different kinds of cinnamon are blended and make it sweet.

Chef Mike: We are also working on selling our tea bases for the matcha latte and loyal milk tea.

Interviewer: Amazing! What is the best to eat with the Matcha latte?

Chef Mike: I think our Matcha latte probably goes the best with cheesecake as something does not have a lot of flavors. Earl Gray goes well together with Tiramisu and strawberry shortcake. I believe that the hot cinnamon is good by itself.
For both Matcha latte and loyal milk tea, we make the base with oat milk so that both of them can be served daily-free.

Interviewer: Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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