Suzuya’s Custard Pudding

Interviewer: What is custard pudding and what’s the difference between regular custard pudding and the Japanese custard pudding you provide over at Suzuya?

Chef Mike: A custard pudding is basically a baked custard, and the Japanese style is lighter textually, so it is more similar to either French or South American styles.
From what I’ve experienced the difference between these and the Japanese styles is that the sugar is a little bit more bitter with the darker caramel.
It brings the contrast between the sweet custard and the bitter caramel.
The ingredients we use to make the custard pudding are, a mix of milk&cream and vegetarian cage-free eggs.
The key points of this dessert are the bitterness of the caramel and the softness of the custard.
We do sell it daily, but we do not take a big amount of pre-orders currently because of a lot of technical procedures.

Interviewer: Very nice! Thank you!

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