Zen Curry Toast – Suzuya Shokupan Bread × Zen Curry

Interviewer:  You make Zen Curry Toast with Zen Curry, a local restaurant in Vegas. Why did you collaborate with them?

Chef Mike: When we opened the new location, we were thinking of different items that we could add to the CAFE menu. Zen Curry is a local restaurant that opened about the same time as Suzuya. Actually, maybe a few weeks we both opened in Las Vegas. We really like their Curry; they make great upon that we used to call up orders. Zen Curry owners would always come to the shop and get cream puffs and always get cakes for their occasions. So we had a pretty good connection with them. 

Interviewer:  Why did you combine shokupan bread with Curry?

We came up with the during the curry toast originally were thinking about making your own Curry, but then I thought it was going a little bit too much for us. And so we thought we’d asked them to see if it would be a possibility, where we can buy.

But great from them. And so we started making the curry toast which is made with our shokupan. 

Interviewer:  What ingredients do you use for Zen Curry Toast?

We have toasted bread with a little bit of mozzarella cheese and curry toast.

Interviewer: Is it an in-store menu? Can we order it for pick up?

Chef Mike: It is an in-store menu, and you can also order online both from our website or they have their own APP which has our CAFE menu on it, so to both those systems or in-store.

Interviewer: Can we order Zen Curry Toast for breakfast, lunch, and brunch? 

Chef Mike: It is available all day from opening to close, so you can get it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Interviewer: What drink menu is good for Zen Curry Toast?

Chef Mike: It would be more like iced teas go well, like yuzu lemon tea or the green tea. Ice would be a good cut through the little bit of richness of the Curry.
Interviewer: Okay, great. It is very nice.

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