Green tea Millecrepe for Matcha lovers

Interviewer: What is a Millecrepe? 

Chef Mike: Millecrepe is a type of cake that’s made of layers of crepe and cream in the middle. Our Millecrepe has 16 layers in clape. The idea of the “Mille” crepe came from mille-feuille, which is 1000 layers of crape.

Interviewer: Do you use matcha for this cake? What kind of ingredients do you use for this dessert?

Chef Mike:   A Green tea Millecrape. We make a green tea cream with matcha cream all sweet end that sounds like a  fluffy. We also add Anko so we have 16 layers with ten layers of green tea cream and five layers of Anko in between each. They’re all hand-assembled, which is scaled-up cream on each layer and spread by hands. 

Interviewer: Key points of this dessert? What’s different between Suzuya’s Green tea Millecrepe and regular Millecrepe?

Chef Mike:  It’s a nice balance to the green tea cream as a little bit of the bitterness from the matcha. It’s not overly sweet. The red bean adds contrast to get a bit of sweetness from the Anko. Also, we put the Anko so many slices to the side, precisely to the cake from a side angle. You see just little dots of Anko throughout layers in the green tea.

Interviewer: Are there other flavors?

Chef Mike: We do offer right now three different flavors of Millecrepe: Green tea and strawberry, and we just started tiramisu. Now, tiramisu is the highest seller and a lot of people are anticipating that one. Now that everything’s kind of opening up again and more people are going out might be experimental was more like the fruit flavors to summer previous to the mango, peach, and chocolate ones are at the top of the ten. So always trying new things we think about doing maybe a  one way. But that be a strawberry and green tea, but really popular for us, petty study your orders might be.

Interviewer: Okay, what would you recommend a drink with this with the Green tea Millecrepe?

Chef Mike: Green tea Millecrepe we recommend is a tea-flavored item.

Chef Misuzu: Like a Zencha.

Interviewer: Millecrepe is one of the most effort-taking to make a chef. Is that true? Or it’s like a regular cake harder to make.

Chef Mike: I don’t know about harder or easier but this is definitely a lot more time-consuming, and pain-sticking. We said, making 16 layers of crape for one cake takes a good amount of time. Hand-made each one, spread layer by hand, and the next layer on, and spread the next layer and spread it, whereas like other cakes are usually sliced thicker layer shelling top.

Especially,  we have separate 18 orders on Father’s day alone say for crepe station to make those plus the regular crepe orders for the day. We had to make 18 times 16, which is about 280 and something. We went through 10 gallons of crape batter Sunday alone to make all Mille crepes. It was just the smaller crepes we do about eight and a half inches in diameter. 
Interviewer: Surprisingly.

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