Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: I forgot to pre-order my cake 48 hours in advance. Can I get a cake today or tomorrow? 

Chef Mike: So, for all the preorders, we do need 48 hours’ notice. We do have cakes available in store for purchase every day. We can’t hold anything without the 48 hours preorder. So you have to come and make the purchase in-store. And if you make a purchase in-store, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have a certain cake that you want in stock because it is first come, first served. However, if you order 48 hours in advance, then you can guarantee your cake will be in size and everything will be ready when you come in to pick it up.

FAQ: I have a large order, like 100 macarons. How much advance notice do we need for orders like that? 

Chef Mike: For orders like that, like a hundred pieces or large orders, we do ask for at least a week’s notice so we can make sure we have all the products available to make those items. And we will send you an order form to email that you can fill out and send back to us, and then we will invoice the order once we have it verified. It needs to be paid for in advance in order for us to hold it and guarantee your order. For small orders for individual items, we still do our two-day notice policy. If it’s just like ten or twelve pieces, we can do that with two days’ notice. Everything has to be invoiced and paid before 48 hours. 

FAQ: Do you deliver in the Las Vegas area?

Chef Mike: Currently, we are not delivering in the Las Vegas area. However, we are working on it to start doing it soon, hopefully. For the large orders, like above, for big parties, we can arrange delivery right now for a kind of one-off thing, but it depends on where it is. We’ll have to charge an additional fee. That depends on how far away it is from the shop.

FAQ: Do your cake flavors or decorations change? 

Chef Mike: We have our standard flavors, a strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, and green tea, that we keep pretty much the same. We do have specials and seasonal items that we do add at different times during the year. And we can also do some special decorations on items for an additional charge, like adding macarons. Or we can kind of do a little bit of theme. Sometimes people ask for, like, a blue theme or a pink theme. So when we do the special decorations, we can use blue macarons or pinking strawberries, raspberries, and different colored macarons.

FAQ: Do you make wedding cakes?

Chef Mike: We do not make traditional wedding cakes. We can make a tiered cake, just six inches an eight-inch stack cake. Our cakes are very light and moist and don’t hold up to multiple layers very well. And also, our decoration style is pretty classic and simple. So a lot of people have certain ideas for their wedding, like certain themes or styles that we aren’t able to make. We can do a very simple kind of traditional style that could be used for a wedding. 

FAQ: I love your toast. Can I order a loaf of it?
Chef Mike:
We do not take orders for Shokupan currently. We do offer for sale in stores Wednesday through Sunday. We do have half loaves available for sale starting at 11:00. We put them out on display. But they are limited right now to do about, I think, six to 8 loaves a day for those five days.

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