Suzuya’s Best Selling Dessert

Interviewer: What are the best sellers at Suzuya pastries and what do you see as a trend in terms of Las Vegas residents? 

What do they tend to like compared to other populations?

Chef Mike: The best-selling dessert at Suzuya is a Strawberry shortcake and it became our signature item. People here in Las Vegas are very different, some are travelers, but it is a simple town as far as what people like to eat. 

It is a more adventurous eating town and people go to the restaurants that they are familiar with going. 

Recently, many different types of food restaurants are opening up, but they still like to go where they are more familiar. 

Strawberry shortcake is the cake people from everywhere have heard of the name at least once. 

It is hard to say which one is the second most popular dessert because a lot of people love Mont Blanc and Tiramisu, but I guess overall Tokyo Cheesecake is the second.

We always recommend pre-orders so that we can guarantee the cakes when you walk in.

Chef Misuzu: Another good thing about pre-order is we can add custom plag for free. We normally charge for it for the walk-in. 

Interviewer: Great to know! Thank you for sharing!

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