Children’s day

Interviewer: Today, we want to talk about the cake that you’re bringing out for children’s days. What exactly is Children’s day?

Chef Misuzu:  It is on May 5 and we call the day in Japanese “Kodomo no Hi”. 

This celebration is more for boys to wish for their growth, prosperity, and health, just like the girls’ day on March 3rd. Normally, we decorate with the things for boys. 

Interviewer: That’s awesome. 

What inspired the cake design? I know that you mention that it’s a Koi fish rising but how did all that inspiration come into the cake?

Chef Misuzu: When I think about the celebration, Koi-nobori (rising Koi fish) always comes up in my mind because it represents the day. A family of Koi fish is floating in the air like a kite and flag. 

Interviewer: What exactly is this cake?

Chef Misuzu: We use the chiffon cake, chocolate, and fresh banana inside because most of the kids love these combinations as I do!

We decided to have 2 different decorations for the celebration cakes; one is strawberry and another is white chocolate on the top. 

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