Suzuya’s Cafe Menu

Interviewer:  What kind of cafe menu do you have? Which is your recommended cafe menu?

Chef Misuzu: Cafe menu, we have crepes and toast. That’s the main category we have. I really like white mushroom bread for breakfast. We have a scrambled egg white with some cheese and shimeji  mushroom, and roasted red pepper. It’s also good. And I really like our homemade mayonnaise. These sets have a good flavor.

Interviewer:  How about the drink menu?

Chef Misuzu:  I always love coffee. We have coffee selections that use an Espresso machine. I really enjoy Americano late in the day. I like a hot one, but Mike likes ice Americano with a bit of milk. 

Interviewer:  How is the cafe’s environment? Are there outside terrace tables? 

Chef Misuzu: The patio is nice. It’s pretty quiet in the morning. Having some breakfast and coffee on the patio is amazing. Inside we use  AC control, so it’s always nice 

 Interviewer: Can students study in the cafe? Can family and friends hang out in the cafe? 

Chef Misuzu:  There are a lot of people who studied or did some work at our CAFE. I think it’s a really nice and relaxing area. It might get a bit busy in the afternoon, so it’s not very quiet at that time. But outside would be quiet in the afternoon. Right now, it is hot, but maybe September will be nice.

Chef Misuzu:  Also, our cafe has a lot of regular customers who come in at the same time. One likes to read books and other businessmen seem to work every morning.

Interviewer:  That’s awesome. So it’s a nice environment that you have outdoors and indoors in the morning. It’s very chill during the afternoon, a little bit busier, but absolutely everyone’s kind of welcome to hang out and study more on their computers.

Interviewer: All right, and can we order the cafe menu for pickup?

Chef Misuzu: Yes, you can place an order for the CAFE menu for pick up. We have come to the side, or they can come in to pick up. If you know that you’ll come in and order, we definitely recommend ordering online so that you just come to pick it up without making a line. It’s actually that we want to push more, right, Mike?

Chef Mike:  Yeah. It’s one of the things we want to start pushing more for the CAFE menu to use both our website and also toast has an APP as well. Especially for large orders, we’ve had some people come in the area, getting like the number of items for your office, so we were likely to try and start more marketing campaigns to help get people with larger orders. They don’t have to sit here for 20 to 30 minutes taking orders. 

Interviewer: Awesome. And that is because a lot of the CAFE menus are made to order.

Chef Misuzu: Yes. So, I think the office workers sometimes had breakfast meetings and came early in the morning and patiently waited for 15 to 20 orders to be ready. If we know the time beforehand, that would be nice to save time.

Interviewer: Okay, perfect. That sounds good. So pre-orders are available; you know we don’t want you sitting around and waiting, so make those pre-orders.