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We are thrilled to announce the exciting collaboration betweenOsaka Cooking & Confectionery College and SUZUYA Patisserie! This unique partnership aims to strengthen our bond as we explore new possibilities for aspiring pastry students and expand their horizons for the future.

In Japan, pastry students are not only passionate about Japanese pastries but also eager to delve into the world of American pastries. To provide them with valuable international exposure, the pastry school is planning an upcoming school trip to the United States. As a Japanese pastry shop, SUZUYA is proud to support the school in broadening students’ perspectives and connecting them with the global pastry community.

For this special collaboration, our focus was to merge the essence of both Japan and the USA. We carefully selected ingredients that symbolize each country: Sake representing Japan and Californian Raisins representing the USA. The challenge was to incorporate these distinctive elements into delectable pastries, resulting in an exciting and fun creative process.The winning profiterole, created by the talented students, was proudly featured and sold at the renowned Daimaru Umada Osaka department store for a limited time. This incredible opportunity allowed the students to gain firsthand experience in not only creating exquisite pastries but also operating a professional shop before their graduation. Such a real-world experience is a rare and valuable opportunity that sets them apart in their culinary journey.

To share the remarkable creations with our valued customers, we have recreated one of the outstanding recipes at SUZUYA.

Mark your calendars! Join us from June 20th to June 24h for the exclusive opportunity to indulge in our “Sake x Raisin Profiterole.” This extraordinary flavor combination will be available for four days only, with a limited quantity of 12 pieces per day.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary collaboration that brings together the best of both worlds. Experience the harmonious blend of Japanese and American flavors, crafted with passion and creativity. Come and join us in celebrating this unique culinary journey

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