Mother’s day 2022

Interviewer: Tell us about Mother’s day and the cakes that you have!

Chef Mike: The Heart Tokyo Cheesecake is much like our regular Tokyo Cheesecake, and the garnish has strawberry cream with shiny red heart chocolate and sprinkles on the top.  The white chocolate on the top with little hearts is made with a transfer sheet and it is designed to look like a flower. 

Mother’s day is our second busiest day of the year and we love to do this event to celebrate. 

Interviewer: What about the assorted macarons and cake truffles?

 Chef Mike: We decided to make little gifts for our mother’s friends for someone looking for small gifts. We have done chocolate cake truffles earlier in the year and wanted to do something different for mother’s day.

We have the strawberry chocolate, which is a very nice product that has a good strawberry flavor, chocolate cake, and sponge cake, and it is a nice assorted gift box.

Interviewer: I love it. Nice little gift box of sweetness.

What does mother’s day mean to you?

 Chef Mike: It’s a good day to celebrate mom. I grew up going to one of the buffets in the city to celebrate Mother’s day. My grandmother is a big part of my life and she got me into cooking pies and little snacks. 

Interviewer: Thank you so much for sharing! 

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