Suzuya’s Homemade Shokupan / Japanese Milk Bread

Interviewer: What’s about Shokupan / Japanese Milk Bread?

Chef Misuzu:  It’s a white bread that we ate every day, like really basic bread that goes with everything.

Interviewer: Which menu do you use Shokupan?

Chef Misuzu:  It is Sandos and toasts, and we also sell Shokupan as a raw on weekends.

Interviewer:  What’s your inspiration to make Shokupan? What’s different between Suzuya’s Homemade Shokupan vs. American Toasts?

Chef Misuzu:  I think our Shokupan is fresh and has no preservatives. The texture is also very different from American white bread. it’s not too soft, but it’s really like a softened rich. Personally, I like a simple toast with a little bit of butter. It could be savory and sweet. You can taste the flour itself.

Chef Mike: It’s hard to describe the words fluffy, but I will try it. If you pull Shokupan apart, you can feel it stretches and see all the layers. When you buy American bread in the usual store and pull it apart, it will just break apart. So our Shokupan is like a chewy texture. And you know we did do our recipe. 

Interviewer:  What kind of ingredients do you use for Shokupan? – Key points of Suzuya’s Shokupan?

Chef Misuzu:  It is simple, but we have a secret receipt. We use Japanese flour, butter, and little eggs. In addition, we really care about the water that comes from a filter machine to produce very fine water. As for flour, we tried various flour, but the Japanese one is perfect for our Shokupan, so we stuck to using it.

Chef Mike: Before opening this location, we tried different methods and did a lot of research. We sought to be as authentic as possible, and when we went to Japan, we found something brilliant. But, we made a lot of trial and error. We have to adjust the temperature in different areas slightly to improve baken times or frozen times. I really enjoyed the process, which was eventually made Shokuman on the menu. And we’ve tried to do something like experimental.

Interviewer:  Do you sell only Shokupan? Can we buy it in-store? Do we need a pre-order? Is only a limited amount available?

Chef Misuzu:  Row ones are very limited, so we do not take online orders. We sell on a shelf from Thursday to Sunday. We think of making it more frequent in the future, but If you see it, please take it! 

Interviewer: What’s your recommended topping for Shokupan? 

Chef Misuzu:  I recommend morning toast with scrambled eggs with coffee. It is a straightforward and good breakfast. Personally, I like Anko and butter in my home. 
Interviewer: Perfect lovely. Thank you so much.

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