Your new favorite drinks

Interviewer: Do you have any special or new drink menu in 2023?

Chef Mike: There is one thing we are kind of working on is prepackaging our Royal Milk, Tea, and Matcha Latte bases so that we can sell them retail or grab-and-go. And we’re just kind of working on getting the packaging. It’s kind of been a little difficult to find something that’s kind of nice and fits our styles or gets in some samples of different things and tries to fancy some things up a little bit. 

So if we can get that up and running soon, we can start selling that. That way you can enjoy Suzuya beverages at home in 2023. As far as the drinks, we’re still running the Apple Spice Teas and probably that will come off as we kind of get closer to the spring. And we were talking about doing a few things for a spring menu, but maybe doing like Strawberry Tea or things like that. 

The next menu change probably will be more of a Spring or Summer for the drink menu. As always, coffee and hot tea are good for the cold weather.

Interviewer:  Perfect. Anything you wanted to add, Misuzu? 

Misuzu:  Apple Cider is our winter drink that recommends to customers. It’s a really nice drink, especially when outside is really cold. It comes with a whole stick of cinnamon and it’s just nice and cozy.

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