Coconuts Chiffon Cake at T-bones, Red Rock Hotel

I could talk about how we are able to provide our cake on the Red Rock Hotel menu.

Last year before the Christmas holidays, the executive chef at the Red Rock contacted me about the possibility of doing Coconuts Chiffon Cake, but it just wasn’t good timing for us to get things started especially with the pandemic, and still be there the first year at the new location and still trying to get everything settled.

After everything get backed up and running, I emailed them again and said if you are still interested, we can get it going, and she said yes. Then finally just before Christmas this year, we got everything finalized besides orders and things.

In the meantime, I was contacted by another chef I used to work with, who is the house manager and personal chef at Tina’s, who asked if we would be able to do chiffon for a Christmas party at her house. She really liked it and really wanted to get in the hotel, so we progressed and figured with T-bones and Red Rock.

It was a good way to get into casinos where we kind of get more exposure to our brands. People may have to come to our shop after seeing our name in the desert because those are one of the biggest and most well-known hotels.