Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Mother’s Love Cake

Interviewer: Please describe what kind of cake it is.

Chef Misuzu: It is a Raspberry Chocolate Cake. We thought about what mothers like, which are pink, raspberries, and chocolate. And there is no alcohol, in case mothers who are pregnant can not have alcohol even if it is a bit for aroma. 

Interviewer: How many people can the cake be served?

Chef Misuzu: It is good for 5 to 7 people.

Interviewer: What flavor does it come through on the first when you take a bite?

Chef Misuzu: The raspberry flavor will come through on the first, it tastes tangy and sweet, then the chocolate flavor will come after that.

Interviewer: What drinks the best match the cake? Coffee? Tea? Wine?

Chef Misuzu: The coffee will match the cake pretty nicely, but the taste matches the wine well too.

Interviewer: What name would you give to the cake? And What makes this cake unique from other cakes?

Chef Misuzu: We call it “Mother’s Love Cake.” The layers are showing, and we decorate it pretty for Mother. The concept is it looks like saying “Thank you, Mom.”

Interviewer: How would you describe the texture of the cake?

Chef Misuzu: It tastes not too light, not too dense. Chocolate Raspberry seeds are lightly crunchy and pop. And the sponge cake has a soft airy texture, but the chocolate cream has richness. When you bite it, you’ll feel Raspberry buttercream melt in your mouth. Not only does it taste sweet, but the Chocolate Ganache between the layers has bitterness from the cacao to make a great balance of sweet, tangy, sour, and bitter.

Interviewer: What type of feedback have you received about the cake so far?

Chef Misuzu: I heard they say the cake has the right amount of bitterness, and it still keeps a good balance of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness. Also, the raspberry seed texture has a good match with the cake.

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