Chocolate Cake and the secret to making it

Interviewer: What makes it interesting and what sets the chocolate cake at Suzuya pastries apart from the others?

Chef Misuzu: I think our chocolate cake flavor is decadent but at the same time the sponge cake is light. I like that combination and I like that it has taste depth. I think most American cakes are dense, heavy, and decadent, but ours are decadent but very light. I think these make the Suzuya chocolate cake stands out. It’s a simple cake, but the texture and combination of the cream, sponge, and a little bit of crunchiness from the chocolate garnishes are perfect. It is a simple chocolate cake but layered with different textures. I like that a lot.

Interviewer: That’s awesome. Do you think that the way that you get that fluffy like decadent, is from using specific ingredients such as using like Japanese flour or how do you get that flavor without compromise?

Chef Misuzu: I think the part of it is the Japanese cake flour but also our cake has fluffiness using eggs. Most of the cakes here have using baking powder or baking soda, which makes the cake very heavy. When we make a sponge cake, it’s very fragile. It is affected by who makes it, how you mix it, or how long you mix it. It’s all about how you do it right.

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