Sponge Cake Recipe

Interviewer: First and foremost, what makes your sponge cake recipe so unique?

Chef Misuzu: It’s all about the texture. The texture is very wet and smooth, and it’s just wonderful. I prefer it by itself; I can eat it without any cream or anything else. It’s fantastic.

Interviewer: Yes, it sounds so delicious. How did you develop the recipe for your special sponge cakes?

Chef Misuzu: It’s a cake in the Japanese style. However, when I tried a similar Japanese pancake recipe here, it didn’t work since the weather is so different, and the eggs are obviously made differently as well. Batters come in a variety of styles, and everything was different from what you’d get in Japan. However, when it comes to flour, I usually use Japanese flour. In the United States, I tried various kinds of flours, but I discovered that I really wanted to use Japanese flour since it has the greatest flower for this recipe, so I kept making it over and over again until I hit my sweet spot, such as the texture and how wet the fluffiness is. I don’t like it when it’s overly fluffy or thick. I want it to have the perfect texture for customers, so I invest time and make it several times, then have friends over to taste it, and we do it again and again. Because of the dryness of Las Vegas, I ended up adding a lot more butter. The sponge cake has extra butter, which gives it a moist texture.

Interviewer: For the sponge cakes, what kind of butter do you use?

Chef Misuzu: It’s basically regular butter that I can purchase because dairy goods in my area require a state dairy permit. As a result, we just utilize the butter that we can get locally.

Interviewer: So, the Japanese sponge cake is made using American butter and Japanese flour.

Chef Misuzu: We buy organic vegetarian eggs from California when it comes to eggs. We discovered that this egg is the greatest for the sponge cake. Sponge cakes contain a few components and each one is crucial. As a result, we found the greatest quality. We really wanted to use this egg for the texture and flavor, despite the fact that it was a lot more costly than the usual eggs we could get. The egg has a significant sweetness to it without fat.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you very much for sharing this great sponge cake story with us!

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