Easter Special Desserts 2022

Interviewer: Tell us about this Easter cake and kind of like what inspired it and how do we make these cute ears?

Chef Misuzu: Cute ears are made of white chocolate.

When I was looking at the coconut chiffon cake, it was perfect and just looked like a bunny because the coconut makes the fluffy taste.

So, I  decided to make the cake for Easter. 

I was not sure how to incorporate bunny features into the cakes, but it came out pretty good!

Don’t forget there’s a bunny tail on the back of the cake too!

I wanted to create this cake for kids and hope they enjoy this cake!

Interviewer: Love it!

So every year you make a special cake like a different rendition of Easter?

Chef Misuzu: Easter was not our big holiday for a while but we wanted to do something for kids like animal cakes. 

We see more demand for cakes so we thought maybe that’s what people are looking for, so we decided to make our first Easter cake.

Interviewer: Wow! so our first annual Easter cake! That’s very special!

We look forward to trying it out!

Chef Misuzu: We also have special macaroons for Easter celebrations. It has Mascarpone cream, strawberry inside, and a decorated carrot made out of chocolate on the top!

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