New Year Greeting Message from Suzuya

Chef Mike: Thank you to all the customers who have been supporting us in the past year and also thank you to new customers who have decided to try us out. The year has been tougher and everything is not what we pictured, but we have a lot of things coming out this year. Kind of exciting for a new direction for a business. New things we are planning like shipping and new items things like that, we are excited about it.

Chef Misuzu: New showcase starts coming in, hopefully, this month or next month. Our cake showcase is going to be a little bigger and we made a shelf to display like bread and cookies so hoping that we can fill it up with our stuff.

Chef Mike: Some new items that we were talking about and we are expanding our cafe menu with some of the new items we come up with. We can keep running Dorayaki and possibly Castilla things like that. Some of the smaller packages people grab and go. Keep growing.

Chef Misuzu: For my side, I am excited to do new things like TickTock and more into SNS that are something new to me. Because we have managers and new staff, I am excited to do something new!

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