Interview: Crepes influenced by the Japanese touch

Interviewer: We are going to talk about crepes, and how they are influenced by the Japanese touch. What is your story in terms of crepes?

Chef Misuzu: This product came to my mind when I was helping sushi restaurants. One of the restaurants’ owners wanted a milk crepe for his wife. Given the opportunity to create the recipe, I made crepe burritos with whipped cream. That was the first time creating crepes, also the reason why we regularly sell the product today.

Interviewer: what are the most popular flavors?

Chef Misuzu: The strawberry crepe is everyone’s favorite. Surprisingly, savory crepes are also popular such as Ham & Cheese and B.L.T.

Interviewer: How do you think you have integrated the Japanese inference in your crepes?

Chef Misuzu: I think Japanese-style crepes are wrapped with paper, so you can carry them. We wrap paper to fold ice cream as well. Also, our cream is very soft and thin. We make our creams that way to emphasize each ingredients’ nice texture.

Interviewer: What is your favorite way to make your crepes, and how long does it take for you to make a crepe?

Chef Misuzu: It takes about three minutes when ingredients are all prepared.

Interviewer: That’s nice, and does it take a long time to make the batter for the crêpe?

Chef Misuzu: Since we make a large amount at the same time, it takes at least about 30 minutes for the butter, and we ferment them for a night.

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