Misuzu’s Recipe

Interviewer: Do we have any idea what you guys are thinking about when it comes to publishing a recipe video and a recipe page for the first time?

Chef Misuzu: For being healthy, can we make items using kabocha pumpkins? Kabocha is a nutritious ingredient that many of our clients like seeing.

Interviewer: So you want to start with something healthy?

Chef Misuzu: Yes, kabocha is also in season, and the color is stunning.

Interviewer: That’s amazing! Is it something you’d be willing to do both in video and as a recipe?

Chef Misuzu: I believe so.

Interviewer: Do you have any idea what you’re going to do with the kabocha pumpkins?

Chef Misuzu: Not specifically yet, I’m thinking of making easy recipes with kabocha pumpkins, like puddings with cranberry sauce on the top.