Suzuya’s Strawberry Shortcake

Interviewer: What is the specialty of Strawberry Shortcake and how different from other cakes?

Chef Mike: We make our Strawberry Shortcake with a sponge cake with chantilly cream and fresh strawberries. The sponge is really light, the flavors are kind of focused on the freshness of the ingredients. The sponge cake has a very light flavor, but there’s whipped cream and a little bit of cherry flavor essence to it. But I think overall, I like our strawberry shortcakes. It’s a very light cake, not like regular dense American cake.

We try and get the best strawberrie that we can, and I think it makes the cake special. Our Strawberry Shortcake is a Suzuya original that It’s kind of come to be known as our signature cake. It’s one we’ve made with only slight variations from the beginning of our shop opening. It has been our most popular, our bestseller, of all time. 

It’s not something that is a really heavy dessert, so it can go after a meal like after birthday parties, having friends over, or any other gathering.

And the one little insider note, if you do get a strawberry shortcake, it might be too large for your group and you have some leftovers. You can freeze it, get a little vanilla ice cream, a little bit of half and half for milk, and throw it all in a blender and make yourself a strawberry shortcake milkshake.

Interviewer: Anything you wanted to add to that? Misuzu?

Chef Misuzu: Our bestseller is Strawberry Shortcake, I think the reason is that everyone loves strawberries. The white whipped cream and the perfect red strawberry combination make it festive and pretty too. Foodies are very into all the aspects of each food like pictures and contrast, as well as taste. We have all the aspect that people are looking for in cakes.

Interviewer: Perfect! Thank you.

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