Fruits Rare Cheese Cake

Interviewer: In Today’s interview we are gonna talk about the fruits and rare cheesecake. Please tell us all about it!

Chef Mike: We used to do a version of it before and we had on the menu just blueberry rare cheesecake,  but we took it off from the menu during the pandemic when we had to cut down items to focus on shipping and all other stuff. 

We had to cut down what we’re bringing in because the cream cheese mousse in the shelf life isn’t as long. So when we couldn’t have customers coming in and only taking pre-orders, it is hard to keep the qualities and textures.

We kind of just took it off for a while when only me, Misuzu, and a couple of other employees opened back up.

We decided to have the employees back and we still had to focus on the featured items such as Tokyo cheesecake and strawberry shortcake. 

When we were able to have this cheesecake back, we decided to go a different direction to give customers more fruit topping options, not only blueberries. We have strawberries, raspberries, mixed berries, mango, and also chocolate flavor occasionally. We are going to have more flavors for the seasonal fruits.

Chef Misuzu: We are really excited to open the stores in California anytime soon because there are more good qualities and varieties of fruits there! I would love to be where local fruits are grown!

Interviewer: I love that!

Basically, is the rare cheesecake different from the regular Tokyo cheesecake?

 Chef Mike: It is different from the Tokyo cheesecake. Tokyo cheesecake is baked but the rare cheesecake is more like moose cream cheese and it has a more creamy texture. It is very good with fresh fruits.

Interviewer: It is aesthetically very pleasing that the fruits are on top of and it looks delicious!

I love that the rare cheesecake is basically solely based upon what foods are available at the time and what inspires you at the time.  

It is really exciting that you may open a store in California so that means you can get a different kind of rare cheesecake maybe every week for the seasons!

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