Interview: Cake Delivery Service

Interviewer: This week, we’d like to discuss cake delivery services. What are the most popular cakes to deliver and is there a special way that delivers cakes?


Chef Mike: Strawberry shortcake is the most popular item. The milk crape is the second most popular dessert after the strawberry shortcake. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been serving more deliveries. We had to consider how we could prevent communication in the business. It eventually helped a lot, and surprisingly we found out that a lot of customers were buying cakes for other people. They are buying cakes for their families, friends, and relatives. We have a lot of orders around special occasions, so we prepare about a week in advance. Someone has even ordered 13 cakes at once.


Chef Misuzu: People purchase our cakes as gifts, unlike at other restaurants. We had a hard time figuring out who they were ordering cakes for. We plan on adding menus for cakes as a gift so we don’t have to call customers each time. Our delivery service is special to the customers because it is a gift.


Interviewer: In terms of gifting cakes to customers, do you guys have any customizable options for surprises?


Chef Misuzu: To transport cakes to recipients efficiently, we must pay special attention to clients who reside in gated neighborhoods. Birthday cards are also included. Also, because some individuals are unaware of where they are purchasing cakes from, we take care to inform them ahead of time.


Interviewer: very nice, so you guys take time to customize delivery cakes because you guys know how important it is. What special strategies do you guys have to make sure cakes don’t get ruined?


Chef Misuzu: because of this reason, only me, my family, and Mike have been delivering cakes to make sure it’s stable. I think the third party can’t do this.


Interviewer: When it comes to the packaging, do you guys use dry ice, or is there a way that keeps the cake cold during transport?


Chef Mike: To keep them cool, we have an ice pack. It helps to preserve the original form when delivering at different periods. We also have a cold bag with our logo on it that we occasionally give out for free to loyal clients. Small iced bags and a cold box are also being used.


Chef Misuzu: Our new custom cake bag is made a little larger for ice bags and candles, and even stronger to protect the item.


Interviewer: Very nice, do you guys like to do the delivery to be known to clients and show appreciation by steadily protecting items.


Chef Mike: It helps customers who come to the shop for their families and friends, especially in the pandemic. It impresses customers so they’ll want to try one. Getting around for the delivery service has been easier during the epidemic. We deliver to customers who are 15 to 20 minutes away from Suzuya, and occasionally 30 minutes distant.


Chef Misuzu: Delivery, in my opinion, is much more special than online pickups. It typically indicates that they are hosting a celebration for someone special. Every time we deliver to a consumer, we are thrilled to witness their reaction.

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